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Friending Status: ADDING

Comment if you'd like to be added. Let me know you're not a crazy, rabid, maniac and I'll probably add you!
Banner credited to: sunshinefun27
So I have an exam tomorrow, unfortunately. I just got a rec from mustbethursday that made me feel loads better. So could you all do me a HUGE favor and rec your favorite Merlin stories? It would be the best post-exam present ever! They don't have to be Gwen/Arthur [they are my OTP, but I ship like practically everything on that show]. That way, when I get back I'll have something to cheer me up if I do poorly or if I'm just drained. I haven't actually read that many, I've mostly written. And I'm too lazy to look. I've already decided not to do anything productive all day tomorrow after my midterm so it's perfect timing.

REC away!

**Don't be afraid to post your own stories!! I really want to read them!

[43] A Late and Early Happy Birthday!

I wish I could make a banner... one day hopefully!
I'm starting class tomorrow. It's going to be really hard so that means less time on the computer.

I said LESS, not none! :)Collapse )


[34] Hottie of the Week # 4

I just love him in the Mentalist. And I'm a fan of anyone who can rock the geeky look :)





[28] Hottie of the Week # 3

 ANGEL *freaking* COULBY!!!!

                             *pics arranged in increasing degree of hotness*
Dear Angel,
There's no easy way to tell you this. You're amazingly beautiful and, quite frankly hot. I'm sorry you had to hear it like this. I'm sure it must be so hard to be so good looking.

This girl is just amazing and so wonderfully sweet and kind. She deserves a whole page of posts :) Love you, Angel ♥
I realized I should have posted this MONTHS ago, but here it is! It works because I don't have another prompt finished yet that I can post. Funny how things work...

Chapter 14Collapse )